Your place or mine ?

I can offer a dining experience at my property, The Point Jindabyne , for up to 10-12 people,- for a night of decadence or a week of in house catering.

Or – tell where and when and I will be there !!

For example

I have catered for 100 at a wedding at a commercial ski lodge.
I have catered for 22 at a private Ski lodge
I have catered for 45 people at a private ski lodge
I have catered for 90 or so in an outdoor  rural setting, during a  summer snow storm. ( true story and the couple are still happily married !)
I have had clients needing a drop and run service – eg emergency services needing to feed 50 or so people, on a self serve basis, over 3 hours.
You can pick up from me on your way through.



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