Menu styles and ideas # 1


I have noted  some ideas below that should help you work out the style of cuisine you will like.

Pricing depends on choice of dish, the location, the numbers obviously, the style of service – ie table service, smorgasboard style, wait service etc. Tobget  get a quote, please call me first. Once I know what you want, you do not have to worry about the dining side of your event. That’s my job – and I am good at it. Cheers -Kim

Bar b Que ideas 

Thai BBQ Chicken - Chicken Marinated in Moroccan Spices,
Lamb Cutlet Marinated in Mint & Mustard - BBQ Pork Ribs W’ Chilli Plum Sauce
Marinated Calamari - Tandori Salmon Strips- BBQ Thai Style Green Prawns
Marinated Rump Steak Strips,

Cold Canapés

Smoked Salmon Pancakes w’ Horseradish Cream  - Sushi,Tomato Tarts w’ Feta & Pesto
Garlic Toasts w’ Peperonata  - Vietnamese Spring Rolls – Prawn & Avocado Cevich
Bloody Mary Oyster Shoo

Cold Buffet

Seafood Platter W’ Herb Aioli- Thai Beef Salad - Chicken Satay Salad
Roasted Vegetables W’ Pesto Dressing - Smoked Trout & Goat Cheese Salad
Asian Prawn & Noodle Salad - Chicken Salad W’ Coconut Mango &  Sweet Chilli

 Greek Menu

Dolmades - Tatziki Dip - Eggplant Dip w’ Faltbread
Spanakopita w’ Yogurt  - Chickpea Patties w’ Tahini Sauce
Prawn, Fish, Mussel & Calamari Casserole -Moussaka
Lamb Kleftiko - Greek Salad
Baklava - Carrot & Apple Cake - Honey & Walnut Biscuits

Hot Buffet

Roast Beef W’Bernaise Sauce - Veal W’ Mushroom Cream Sauce
Seafood Bouillabaisse - Roast Lamb W’ Spicy Leatherwood Honey Sauce
Chicken, Beef or Lamb Curry- Chicken W’ Tomato Olives & Caper Sauce
Dressed & Baked Ham on the Bone

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