Not mentioned elsewhere on this web site are the other services I can provide.

Flowers – when I had Life Style Cafe, I dealt in flowers – in Floral arrangements, and style of flowers for different occassions.

2. Shopping Service – should you be short of time, I can have all your supplies ready when you arrive in “The Mountains”

3. Accommodation venue advice – My husband and myself have over 20 years past and current experience in the local area accommodations styles and pricing.

4. Wedding Celebrant referrals-

5.Photography referrals

6.Baby sitting services

7. Vintage car Hire

8. Intimate corporate dining / conferences for limited numbers at The Point

Yes, I can plan, advise and co -ordinate your wedding of need be.

Most weeding planners refer to other specialists to put your wedding together.

Not many though ,can offer specific advice on Catering, Venues and Flowers. I can.

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