Menu Planner # 2

  1. Hot Canapés

Beef Fillet wrapped in Bacon w’ Béarnaise  - Beef Spring Rolls w’ Dipping Sauce
Thai Chicken Pieces  - Tandori Chicken Sticks  - Chorizo roquette & Feta Cigars
Spicy Italian Meatballs w’ Pesto Thai Fishcakes w’ Cucumber Salsa
Pumpkin Risotto Cake w’ mascarpone & Parmesan  -
Lamb Sticks w’ Spicy Javanese Satay sauce - Thai Noodle Balls w’ sweet chilli dipping sauce
Vegetable Fritters w’ Plum Sauce –  Warm Oysters w’ Wasabi ButterSamosas
Mini Smoked Trout &  Goat Cheese Tart

  1. Noodle Boxes

Thai Chicken Curry & Rice -Beef Curry & Rice - Vegetable Curry & Rice
Prawn & Noodle Stirfry -Tandori Chicken & Rice -Fish & Chips w Garlic Aoili -
Salt & Pepper Prawn & Squid

  1. Table Banquet

Atlantic Salmon w’ Mustard& Crème Fraiche - Pork Wrapped in Prosciutto w’ Caramelized Apple
Veal Saltimbocca w’ Lemon Sauce -Bocconcini Stuffed Meatballs w’ Tomato Sauce
Prawn Fritters w’ Asian Dressing - Salt & Pepper Prawns w’ Aioli -
Chicken Strips w’ Creamy Tarragon & Sauce Roasted
Roasted beef w’ Béarnaise Sauce – Cheese & Olive Crumbed Chicken
Moroccan Lamb w’ Minted Yogurt - Greek Lamb Ribs
ColdOysters w’ Asian Dressing -Marinated Calamari - Crab & Coconut Salad

  1. Sweets

Molten Chocolate Pots w’ Dipping Fruits - Strawberry Almond & Mascapone Tart
Fresh Fruit Platter - Bonoffee Tart - Chocolate Tart w’ Raspberries -
Cheese Platter w’ Poached Fruit - Lime Tart - Orange Syrup Cake

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