Menu – A weeks fine dining.

A small sample of ideas that could suit the more formal catering needs.

Entrée               Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi
Main        Chicken Parmagana Potato & Salad
Sweets                    Black Forest Cake

Entrée                       Thai Chicken Soup
Main          Salmon w’ fresh herb curry rice & salad
Sweets                         Lemon Tart

Entrée             Peppers stuffed w’ potato cheese & Pesto
Main                 Chicken Saltimboca w’ Potato & Veg
Sweets                          Strawberry Tart

Entrée                   Cauliflower & Zuccini Soup
Lamb Ragout w’ Pasta & Salad.
Sweets                  Molten Chocolate Pudding

Entrée                            Sticky Sesame Beef
Main        BBQ Pork Fillet w’ Vietnamese Caramel Sauce  with
Spinach And Sesame salad
Sweets                      Lime & Coconut Syrup Cake

Entrée                Salmon Cheesecake w’ Lemon Dressing
Main           Marinated Roost Beef w’ Horseradish Sauce ,Potatoes & Greens
Sweets                     Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae

Kim Neville catering

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