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Coming to a table near you – wery swoon  !!!miss kim vietnam I have been cooking for decades – how many – too many.!! I learnt because cooking was a hobby- firstly, my Nanna in Newcastle taught me the sweets side of life. My best friends mum, have a chat Cherie ,was a big influence, then a renown Hunter Valley Chef, back in the late seventies, my mate Mel, fine tuned my skills. He was into ‘fresh” before it became the go to call for all today’s chefs. My first commercial foray , with two girlfriends, was feeding the workers on the Ski Tube project. There were also many corporate lunches during this time as well , because the Ski Tube was just not all steel fixers, concreters and other trades.A month to month start ended up in 3 years later ! Following the Ski Tube Days, I had a couple of catering interludes- As a director of a large Ski Accommodation wholesale business,  I spent a few years working in the business.I  also then had  a beautiful daughter, Alexandra.

Along the way, I had around ten years catering experience in the following venues, the last one,Lifestyle Cafe, being sold in April 2011.

Others included

The Promenade Restauant Situated on the lower level level of the Lake Jindabyne Hotel. I was also in charge of the catering for the Counter lunches at the Hotel at this time.

“Under Glass ” –   An A La Cart venue, located in the Balcony Bistro.

Mid eighties “Cactus cafe” –      located in Nugget’s Crossing, Jindabyne,

late Nineties “Lifestyle Cafe”-  located in Nugget’s Crossing  Jindabyne

20011 – to present – Dulmison Ski Club Thredbo – catering /management contract. A private ski club for 18 guests – Winters, 2011,2012,2013 and returning 2014

And whilst running these business and in between there were and are the outside catering jobs – for clients such as -

Snowy Hydro, The National parks and Wildlife Service, The NSW Police Service, Snowy Mountains Grammar School,The Snowy River Shire Council, The Stephen Walter Foundation, and a Sydney based private School at a Jindabyne campus.

I am mostly able to react quickly for emergency needs -eg, May 2013 – a phone call at 11.30 am to feed 45 for dinner that evening. Clients were fed ! Private engagements include a group of push bike riders, for their annual 3 course feast for 24. Weddings for 30, 70 and 100, both inside and outside ( Still remember that Snow Storm 45 minutes from service, which took out the power !) Corporate  Xmas partys , Catering for teachers and students from a Sydney Private School ,whilst coming and going to Summer camps. Canapes for private parties.

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